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d in International Trade, and the remaining 14% majored in Business Management. Therefore, more than a half of the students in this study specialized in applied language. The type of research method adopted by the authors is quantitative. Therefore, through this study, the authors were able to establish the different attitudes of students toward the TOEIC English proficiency test (Chen and Chien-Yu 1-2). After the study, results showed that more than half of the researched students appreciated the TOEIC English proficiency test. Specifically, of those students studied, 63% agreed that they considered the TOEIC guidebook as an important resource in the learning of English grammar. With regard to vocabulary, more than 67% agreed that this guidebook was a great source of reference for English vocabulary. On the other hand, 75% of these college students considered the TOEIC guidebook as essential for reading in English. Nonetheless, close to 60% of them anticipated using the TOEIC guidebook in their English lessons during their freshman year. In addition, 76% of the students agreed that this guidebook has increased their level of interest in learning English (Chen and Chien-Yu 2-3). Overall, the study results point out that the TOEIC test is highly appreciated among students, as a way of testing proficiency. I feel this is true. First, language proficiency tests are important in order to determine a person’s proficiency in a language. Therefore, this is an important language instrument to be used in schools and companies. For example, in international companies, new employees from different countries must be proficient in the English language, because this is an international language for standard communication. Communication is core to companies; therefore, the TOEIC English proficiency test is important for establishing if an individual qualifies to work for the international company, based on their English language proficiency. Additionally, students from different countries wishing to study in the USA or other international countries, which use English language, must be tested for their proficiency in the language using this test, for effective learning process. Chen and Chien-Yu (4) note that, “an assessment can assist learning if it provides feedback and it becomes a formative assessment which can bring teaching to meet learning needs.� Therefore, to this end, I recommend that high schools in all countries should prepare their students for TOEIC tests, since after high school; many students are exposed to this test, and many others. Works Cited Chen, Han-Kwang, and Chien-Yu Chiu. "Utilizing Proficiency Test as an English Language Learning Instrument." The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning 7.1 (2011): 1-5. ProQuest. Web. 11 Apr. 2013. Part 2: Food Inc Food Inc. is a documentary that was filmed in 2008. This documentary addresses important issues relating to food and the corporations today. The system of food production

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